3 kids at JoCo. child care facility test positive for measles

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  1. 3 kids at JoCo. child care facility test positive for measles  fox4kc.com
  2. Three measles cases confirmed in Johnson County child care facility  KCTV Kansas City
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The story she s referring to is the diagnosis of measles in three infants in Johnson County, all within one day care center. The county is now trying to While that investigation is still ongoing, experts say the sick kids likely came into contact with someone who hasn t been vaccinated. "Could ve been a child, .Days ago An Olathe baby girl who had the measles is feeling all better now, but her mom is worried about other people who aren t vaccinated. Earlier this week, the Johnson County health department said three babies from the same day care came down with the measles. Meisinger said her . Officials in Kansas said on Tuesday, March , that three children at a child care facility have tested positive for measles. Measles The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment said the three children who have contracted measles in Kansas are all under one year old and have not yet been .The Johnson County Health Department said Tuesday that the three infants, all under a year old, had been at the same day care center in Overland Park. The department of health and environment said all the cases occurred in children who are less than one year old and have not yet been vaccinated. Nationwide, there .

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