3-year-old who died of flu was never vaccinated

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Image Result For  Year Old Whod Of Flu Was Never Vaccinated

Image Result For Year Old Whod Of Flu Was Never Vaccinated

A year old from Indiana who .d from the flu Monday never got a flu shot and the family is now second guessing that decision. Little Alivia Viellieux, of Muncie, Ind., .d at home just days after being diagnosed with the flu. Tameka Stettler, the toddler's grandmother, told .A three year old Indiana girl who .d from the flu Monday was not vaccinated, according to local news outlets. Alivia Viellieux, passed away in her sleep at her Muncie, Indiana home after being discharged from Ball Memorial Hospital last Thursday, WRTV reported. Her family says they were advised not to .By Fox News On . year old whod of flu was never vaccinated. . Share. A calendar year old from Indiana whod from the flu Monday by no means acquired a flu shot and the spouse and children is now next guessing that conclusion. Small Alivia Viellieux, of Muncie, Ind.,d at home just days just .I stopped getting the flu shot at one point because every year without fail I would get a head cold after getting the shot, which was shitty and annoying but I never had the flu. Then one year without the shot I got the full on can t move cold sweating don t want to wake up just want to flu, and I ve got the shot .

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