A look back at bitcoin’s big year

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Image Result For A Look Back At Bitcoin

Bitcoin came into its own this year. The digital currency which was created nearly nine years ago became a highflying investment vehicle, prompting much..A Look Back At The Cryptocurrency s Chart And What s In Store For . By Bobby Ilich On PM. Error loading player No playable sources found. The price of bitcoin was one of the biggest Wall Street stories of . At one point, the digital currency surged more than , percent. On Jan. , , the .A look back at China s "bitcoin ban" attempts proves one very important point countries can and will try to regulate bitcoin, but as long as people understand what bitcoin is, it will remain stateless and decentralized..A look back at bitcoin s big year. Chicago Tribune On the first day of , bitcoin was valued at $, according to the cryptocurrency trackercoinmarketcap.com. Then in March the cryptocurrency for the first time surpassed the value of one ounce of gold at $,. Just seven months later, bitcoin .

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