After the E. coli outbreak: How to minimize the risk of food poisoning

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  1. After the E. coli outbreak: How to minimize the risk of food poisoning
  2. E. coli outbreaks in Canada and US  Foster’s Daily Democrat
  3. 1 dead, dozens sickened after romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak  Brinkwire (press release)
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An outbreak of E. coli infections linked to romaine lettuce may be over, according to Canada s public health agency so is it safe to shop in the produce aisle again? Eating romaine should be safe as long as it is washed thoroughly and properly, says P.E.I. Here s Walton s .Following are steps you can take to protect your family. Practice Remember that E. coli bacteria are very hardy e.g., can survive on surfaces for weeks and that only a few are sufficient to induce serious illness. Be careful to avoid cross contamination when preparing and cooking food, especially if beef is being served..Avoid cross contamination. Wash utensils. Use hot soapy water on knives, countertops and cutting boards before and after they come into contact with fresh produce or raw meat. Keep raw foods separate. This includes using separate cutting boards for raw meat and foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Wash your hands..A food poisoning outbreak has been linked to romaine lettuce, and the best advice is to avoid it altogether. By Jesse Hirsch. . SHARES. UPDATE On January , U.S. food safety and health officials declared an end to the E. coli outbreak linked to leafy greens. In light of this development, Consumer .

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