An Outback server got no tip on a $735 takeout order, complained on Facebook — and got fired

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  1. An Outback server got no tip on a $735 takeout order, complained on Facebook — and got fired  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  2. The Outback Steakhouse Server Who Was Fired for Complaining About a $735 No-Tip Customer Finally Got Something
  3. Group Stiffs Waitress On Tip For $735 Order; She Gets Fired
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An Outback server gets no tip on a $ takeout order, complains and gets fired. By Maura Judkis By But when the Christian megachurch that ordered it didn t leave a tip, Yoder spoke out in frustration on Facebook and promptly lost her job, the Palm Beach Post reported. The firing has reignited a . Christ Fellowship said on Facebook that they customarily leave a tip on takeout orders, but that the volunteer who picked up the food did not know that. After a friend of Yoder s called the church to complain, the church said it contacted the restaurant to try to get a tip to the server, not to get her fired.. Get Inc. Straight to Your Inbox Outback Steakhouse Fired a Server for Complaining About a $ Order With No Tip on Facebook a volunteer from a Florida megachurch called Christ Fellowship, who went to an Outback Steakhouse to pick up a giant order steaks, chickens, and potato dishes.. WSVN A Palm Beach County restaurant employee was fired after she took her anger over not being tipped on a large takeout order to social media. "I got upset. I posted a post on Facebook about the church not leaving a gratuity tip," she said. One of Yoder s friends saw her post, called the church to .

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