Architect John Portman dies at 93

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Image Result For Architect John Portmans At

John Portman, the architect and developer who revolutionized hotel designs with soaring futuristic atriums, built commercial towers that revitalized the downtowns of decaying postwar American cities and transformed Asian skylines from Shanghai to Mumbai, .d on Friday in Atlanta. He was ..John C. Portman, Jr., one of Atlanta s greatest champions, .d today at the age of . As an architect, real estate developer, entrepreneur, artist and altruist, Portman had a dramatic impact on Atlanta s success and growth as a major international city and similar impact on other major cities throughout the .No single architect shaped Atlanta s skyline like John Portman, who gave the city the Hyatt Regency, Peachtree Center, and the Peachtree Plaza..John C. Portman Jr., an architect whose hotel, shopping and office complexes tower over the major cities of the world, and whose cavernous atriums, replete with waterfalls, fountains, ivy and spiral staircases, redefined the look of the modern hotel, .d Dec. in Atlanta. He was . His . was .

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