Are Conservatives Trustbusters Now?

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  1. Are Conservatives Trustbusters Now?  New Republic
  2. Damore Suit: Google Caters to Furries, Transgenderism, and ‘A Yellow-Scaled Wingless Dragonkin’  PJ Media
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How the James Damore case catalyzed a backlash against Google and Silicon Valley from the right. A day earlier, he had James Damore on the show to discuss the lawsuit he had recently brought against Google. Google's market power is secondary to their main point that Silicon .The "black community" especially the young appear to despise "white" people and this is directly related to the democrat programs and message now for generations Terry McAuliffe on Trump People Need To Stand Up And Punch Him Back Rhetorically. Ray Runge. d. McAuliffe remains with blood .Are Conservatives Trustbusters Now?By Alex Shephard Are Conservatives Trustbusters Now?By Alex .Are Conservatives Trustbusters Now? New Republic. Google s discrimination versus conservatives is just the starting for corporate America Dallas Information. Entire coverage .

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