Are you a bad person if you still take Uber?

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Uber the company may have cratered in , but Uber the service remained as good as ever. Miraculously, it s still possible to use Uber s app without thinking about the problems that consumed its corporate offices and corroded its global reputation this year theual harassment allegations, the feuding . Uber offers some users in a few places the option of paying cash, but they are still tracked and identified when ordering the ride. If you take an ordinary taxi and pay cash, it will generate no records associated with you except in New York City where the government might apply face recognition to identify your photo in .If by chance Uber s brand of sin is still in venial territory, it s only barely. And every $ ride you take buttresses the company s M.O. But let s be honest you re still going to use Uber. It s a service that, by dint of its popularity, is clearly wanted andmaybe, arguablyneeded. You also already know that every .Have you ever wondered why some people are deactivated from Uber but others are not? Additionally, any type of comments related to safety will get flagged reviewed by Uber staff so expect a swift and quick deactivation if you do anything dumb like drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol..

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