Better Buy: General Motors Company vs. Tesla

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Better Buy General Motors Company vs. Tesla. Old school or cutting edge? Choose wisely. Dan Caplinger. TMFGalagan . Dec , PM. The auto industry has been on fire for years, but there s been a lot of debate among investors in the space about the better way to play strength in automobiles. General Motors .Companies are worth the present value of their future cash flows, no more and no less. Running "Reverse Engineered" DCF and sum of the partsyses shows that Tesla is overvalued while General Motors is undervalued. Intro. This article is a part of the series that bgan with our initial writeup entitled .It s too cheap to ignore and will be a better play than Tesla over the next year. This comes as GM continues to build out its electric vehicle presence and is now making a larger play toward driverless cars. In the piece the other week, I noted that GM is winning the battle versus Tesla. That is, GM is making .GM has dozens of plants, over , employees, and builds a million vehicles a year. It isn t David vs. Goliath it s David versus Goliath and all Goliath s relatives and friends. The biggest threat to Tesla has never been that company can t innovate or craft a compelling story. It s been that after a .

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