Breakingviews – Icahn wins SandRidge battle but war isn’t over

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  1. Breakingviews – Icahn wins SandRidge battle but war isn’t over  Reuters
  2. Why Bonanza Creek Energy, Adtran, and Weight Watchers International Slumped Today
  3. Goldman Sachs and Hess slide while PepsiCo and TiVo rise  Washington Post
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Image Result For Breakingviews

BREAKINGVIEWS. Wall Street turns CEO pay into snowboard cross. . Goldman paid Lloyd Blankfein $ mln for , a pct boost amid a so so financial showing. That s less than Morgan Stanley s James Gorman despite an overall better performance. Mike Corbat s whopping pct jump at Citi still .NEW YORK Reuters Breakingviews Wall Street is turning the task of paying chief executives into something akin to snowboard cross. The Winter Olympics sport features half a dozen contestants hurling themselves down a narrow, twisting course with massive jumps, each trying to grab a few inches of advantage over the .Breakingviews is Reuters global brand for financial commentary. Every day, the publication comments on major financial topics and news stories as they break in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Expertysis is provided by a global team of about columnists based in New York, .

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