Businesses Are Working To Fight The Flu

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CDC recommends two strategies this season for businesses and employers to help fight the flu. Strategy Host a flu vaccination clinic in the workplace. To minimize absenteeism, employers frequently offer onsite seasonal flu vaccination to employees at no or low cost to their employees. This option can work well if the .Business HealthBusinesses rely on CDC to solve global health threats and help protect workers from health emergencies, flu outbreaks, travel health risks, foodborne illnesses and many other health concerns. Learn about five important ways CDC keeps America healthy, safe and secure..The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says out of states are seeing "widespread" flu activity. Jan. AP. Employees who work when they are sick only exacerbate the problem. "Its a challenge that all small businesses face and large companies, too," said Ryder. How big is the . WCBI Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Officials are saying this flu season could be the worst one in history. That s why businesses are taking extra measures to fight the flu. Advertisement . The flu is still wide spread in every state, except Hawaii and Oregon, and it s not going away anytime .

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