California Pot Smokers Looking to Buy on Jan. 1 May Have to Wait

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, but consumers hoping to score some weed that day in two of its biggest cities are in for a bummer. "If people are looking to go out on Jan. "What we need to do in California right now is ensure that every Californian that wants to consume cannabis can buy it at an affordable price, conveniently, from a .America s slow journey towards legalized . quickens its pace on . , you may want to consider a delivery service. . The company claims to deliver to your doorstep in less than minutes depending on where in California you live, you may need to wait much longer than .You might have to wait in line and some dispensaries do not permit cell phone use. Bring a magazine, a crossword or a friend. More . goes legal in California on Jan. what you need to know. . plants at PSA Organica in Palm Springs Buy Photo. . plants at PSA Organica in .The licenses will become valid on Jan. . Recreational customers won t be able to buy pot at the stroke of midnight. Instead, customers looking to get their first legal drag of adult use will have to wait another hours, in keeping with state rules that say retailers can only sell or deliver cannabis between .

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