Cycling doesn’t affect men’s sexual or urinary health, says new study

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  1. Cycling doesn’t affect men’s sexual or urinary health, says new study
  2. Men’s Sexual Health Not Affected by Cycling, New Study Reveals  The Silver Ink
  3. Riding a bike does NOT damage sexual or urinary functions, study says  Information-Analytic Agency
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A new study has found that contrary to popular belief, cycling does not negatively affectual or urinary health in men, with researchers concluding that the cardiovascular benefits gained from the sport outweigh any potential risks. Carried out by the Department of Urology, University of California San .Cycling doesn t affect men sual or urinary health. However, the authors of the latest study said that previous research lacked comparison groups and was limited by small sample sizes. As well as there being no combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn t especially like cake..Cycling has no impact on men sual health. Photo Pixabay . Washington Turns out, cycling doesn t knacker your knackers. In a new report, researchers found that contrary to some previous stu.s, neither recreational nor intense cycling appear to have a negative impact on men sual and urinary .Cycling does not harm men sual health, study says Cycling does not negatively affect men sual health or urinary function, a study has found. Some , cyclists from the UK, US Canada, Australia and New Zealand were surveyed, along with swimmers and runners, using a range of .

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