Doctor removes brain-eating tapeworm growing in man

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  1. Doctor removes brain-eating tapeworm growing in man’s eye  Fox News
  2. Brain-eating worm grows in Florida man’s eye
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Florida man Sam Cordero blamed his Christmas ham feast for giving him the pork parasite a brain eating tapeworm that lodged itself in his eye. iStock . A meal of undercooked pork nearly cost one Florida man his vision after he contracted a brain eating parasitic tapeworm that traveled to his eye..Dr. Don Perez of the Perez Eye Center who surgically removed the tapeworm from Cordero s eye this week told the news outlet "What is scary, it gravitates toward the brain." "If he was in the brain he would present seizures," said Perez, noting that the tapeworm eats tiny holes through the brain..TAMPA, Fla. It is like something out of a science fiction movie a brain eating parasitic tapeworm living in your eye. Unfortunately for Sam Cordero, it wasn t a movie and the race was on to surgically remove it from his eye. Taenia Solium, more commonly called a pork tapeworm, passes to humans from .Thank for Watching.! Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE.! healthcare familyhealth nutritionnews .

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