Doctors Hunt for Hidden Cancers with Glowing Dyes

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  1. Doctors Hunt for Hidden Cancers with Glowing Dyes  Voice of America
  2. Glowing Dyes Reveal Hidden Cancers  Olean Times Herald
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It was an ordinary surgery to remove a tumor until doctors turned off the lights and the patient s chest started to glow. A spot over his heart shined purplish pink. Another shimmered in a lung. They were hidden cancers revealed by fluorescent dye, an advance that soon may transform how hundreds of .PHILADELPHIA AP Surgery has long been the best way to cure cancer, and if the disease comes back, it s usually because stray tumor cells were left behind or other tumors lurked undetected..Chemotherapy drugs are administered to a patient at North Carolina Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill, N.C., on Thursday, . According to new stu.s released at a June American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, drugs are scoring big gains against some of the most common .Patient Ryan Ciccozzi, left, waits with his brother in law Ron Grzechowiak before his surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Tuesday, Jan. , . During Ciccozzi s surgery a fluorescent dye was used to find hidden cancer cells near his heart and in a lung. Researchers .

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