Doctors worldwide looking into innovative new flu treatments

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  1. Doctors worldwide looking into innovative new flu treatments  KKTV 11 News
  2. Is Tamiflu the answer for your flu? Here’s what you need to know  USA TODAY
  3. Japanese Company Claims Experimental Drug Kills Flu Virus in a Single Day  ScienceAlert
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Doctors worldwide looking into innovative new flu treatments. By Kyla Galer |. Posted Tue AM, . KKTV As deadly flu cases continue to tick upwards, doctors are working to come up with new treatments. As the thousands of people stricken with the virus year can attest, this year s vaccine has been less .Days ago But Levy, a family medicine doctor, added the drug is not "super effective" for children and he does not prescribe online for pediatric patients. However, this potential flu killer wouldn t be available at USA stores until at earliest . "We may be on track to break some recent records". "We have had . To put that in perspective At the same time last year, just . of these visits were coded for influenza like illness, or less than half of what physicians have seen in . Subscribe to Brainstorm Health Daily, our newsletter about the most exciting health innovations. So why are so many people dying from . Looking at data from Google Flu Trends, economists have found that when paid sick leave becomes a right in a city, fewer people get sick overall. Managers who insist Yes, try to see the doctor within hours to be treated with Tamiflu, an antiviral medication, Shearer also told Time. But stay away from .

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