Does Cycling Affect Mens And Womensual Health

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For men, the health benefits of bicycling may involve a troublesome trade off. While riding a bicycle burns calories and improves cardiovascular fitness, too many hours on a bicycle saddle can compress the artery and vital nerves leading to the. The result? A risk of numbness, pain, and erectile .Cycling doesn t affect men sual or urinary health. I think the point is, essentially, that if your is the size of that courgette it will have the effect of raising your saddle height which can lead to all sort of back problems, and of course pins and needles in the if you sit on it for long periods of time..Some men and women avoid bicycling, though, because they worry that it may damage their reproductive organs and harm theirual function. Science supports this worry. But it mainly applies to people who cycle a lot. And it isn t inevitablethere are many things you can do to protect yourual health .Love bicycling? It can potentially cause pudendal nerve damage, which can lead toual dysfunction, experts say..