Employers who don't offer paid sick leave are making flu season worse, hurting their bottom line

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  1. Employers who don’t offer paid sick leave are making flu season worse, hurting their bottom line  Chicago Tribune
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Image Result For Employers Who Don

Image Result For Employers Who Don

Finding a job is hard work. You have to find opportunities that match your skills and interests, painstakingly prepare resumes and cover letters, and hone your interviewing skills. Once you ve done all that, why are most applications still unanswered and actual job offers so scarce? Sometimes it s because there are things .Employers say there are three reasons why they don t like to hire younger workers. . . Student. Three reasons young people aren t getting hired. By Peter Harris. Although it s an ongoing issue for us here at Workopolis, I have been doing even more research than usual this week on the issue of youth .When an employer invites you to interview for a job, they already think you re qualified. Your resume and cover letter, job application or online profile have already told them that you have the skills, education and experience that they are looking for. If there is a phone interview, that is to pre screen for these core skills before .OK, that might be a bit harsh but now that I have your attention let me explain. Employers don t care about you as a job seeker not because you aren t a wonderful person worthy of being hired but simply because that s not what they are in business to do. They are primarily in the business of advancing their own .

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