Even newer forms of birth control can increase the risk of breast cancer, study says

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Even newer forms of birth control can increase the risk of breast cancer, study says While the link between hormonal birth control and breast cancer has been known for years, many doctors and women had hoped that newer forms of birth control, such as IUDs, vaginal rings and implants, put women at .A study found that women who rely on birth control pills or I.U.D. s that release hormones face a small but significant increase in the risk for breast cancer. Credit Dr. The research also suggests that the hormone progestin widely used in today s birth control methods may be raising breast cancer risk..The American Cancer Society says every year it s diagnosed in , women and a few men, and kills around ,. Other stu.s had shown about the same breast cancer risk for older versions of birth control pills. "There were hopes that the new formulations would not increase a user s risk of breast .A new study suggests using birth control that releases hormonesincluding IUDsis linked with a small but significant risk of breast cancer. Using even newer forms of birth control pills and IUDs which release hormones is associated with a smallbut significantincreased risk of breast cancer, .

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