Fast-food chain tests ‘Merry Munchie Meals’ for pot smokers

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  1. Fast-food chain tests ‘Merry Munchie Meals’ for pot smokers  WTSP 10 News
  2. Select Jack in the Box restaurants will offer new menu targeting pot smokers with the munchies  KTVU San Francisco
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Image Result For Fast Food Chain Tests

Image Result For Fast Food Chain Tests

Each day, a fast food chain tests that the average weight of its "two pounders" is at least ounces. The alternative hypothesis is that the average weight is less than ounces, indicating that new processing procedures are needed. The weights of two pounders can be assumed to be normally distributed, with a standard .Knowing that smokers can get serious hunger pangs, one fast food chain is looking to take advantage of the start of California s legalization of pot for recreational use. Sango based Jack in the Box plans will sell a weed themed Merry Munchie Meal at three southern California locations in .McDonald s wants to make fast food even faster. The Oak Brook, Ill. based restaurant chain is monitoring closely a marketing test that lets its patrons use a tiny, gray plastic wand to pay for meals, instead of cash. The concept, while novel, is by no means new, but McDonald s, which is testing it in locations in Boise, thinks .Bitesize has changed! We re updating subjects as fast as we can. Food chains Test. Print. . What are the products of photosynthesis? carbon dioxide and water. glucose and oxygen. light and dark. . What colour is chlorophyll? red. blue. green. . a producer. . Which is the secondary consumer in this food chain ..

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