Feds deal major blow to Gateway tunnel project

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  1. Feds deal major blow to Gateway tunnel project  NJ.com
  2. Feds cast doubt on New York-New Jersey tunnel funding plan  Las Vegas Sun
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A crucial infrastructure deal to fund a multi billion dollar rail tunnel under the Hudson River suffered a major setback Friday, after the Trump Administration announced the project relied on a "non existent" agreement to secure federal funding. The tunnel is part of the larger Gateway Project and would build a .Feds deal major blow to Gateway tunnel project. | NJ.com. The Gateway Tunnel Project has suffered a serious setback after the federal government said it would not recognize the agreement struck under former President Obama that would have had the federal government kick in half .The letter marks the latest blow to the project, which includes the new tube under the Hudson River, repairs to the atrophied existing dual tunnel that stunned many observers, who noted that states frequently finance major infrastructure undertakings by borrowing money from the federal government..The Federal Transit Administration said it had issued a Medium Low rating to the proposed $ billion Hudson River tunnel..

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