Flight From SFO to Hawaii Makes Emergency Landing

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  1. Video: United Flight From SFO to Hawaii Appears to Show Engine Casing May Have Come Off Mid Flight  NBC Bay Area
  2. Scary Ride For Passengers On SFO-Honolulu Flight  CBS San Francisco Bay Area
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Image Result For Flight From Sfo To Hawaii Makes Emergency Landing

Click here if you are having trouble viewing the gallery and video on your mobile device. HONOLULU A United Airlines flight landed safely Tuesday in Honolulu after an engine cover came off during its flight from San Francisco, the airline said. Flight was traveling to Honolulu from San Francisco..The FAA said the plane s engine casing came off mid flight, but the engine itself appears to be fine. An FAA official told NBC News that it appears the engine cowling or casing came off during the flight. An United Airlines plane was able to land safely in Hawaii Tuesday afternoon .A United flight made an emergency landing in Honolulu on Tuesday after a piece of the cover came off the plane s right engine, United spokesman Charles Hobart said. Scary landing after United flight loses engine cover. By Steve The plane was flying over the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco..Dramatic video on social media showed a jet engine rattling away without its protective covering on a United Airlines flight that eventually landed safely in Hawaii on Tuesday. The pilot of Flight from San Francisco to Honolulu called for an emergency landing because of a mechanical issue, the airline .

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