Flight makes an emergency landing as passengers needed a ‘bathroom break’

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  1. Flight makes an emergency landing as passengers needed a ‘bathroom break’  Moneycontrol.com
  2. Delta flight diverts hundreds of miles because passengers have to ‘go really bad’  Fox News
  3. Malfunctioning toilets cause Delta flight to make emergency landing halfway through flight to Seattle  New York Daily News
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Days ago The emergency situation had arisen because toilets on the plane were non functioning..Days ago A Delta flight without functioning toilets made an emergency landing in Montana so passengers could relieve themselves. to release gastrointestinal fury. Amid the commotion, there were several "passengers that needed to find a lavatory very urgently," per the incident report. Recommended Video. Own .Days ago Ever wonder what happens when the bathrooms don t work on your flight? Well, an emergency landing was necessary for passengers on board this Delta plane..Hours ago On December , a Delta flight from New York City to Seattle made an emergency diversion to Montana when an onboard toilet broke and passengers "needed to go really bad. " The plane spent three hours on the ground in Billings, Montana and arrived in Seattle more than two hours late..

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