Florida Confirms Its Stually Transmitted Case Of Zika

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The infection occurred after a couple returned from a trip to Cuba, and marks the state s first local Zika transmission of .. Florida health officials believe they have the second suspected case of a mosquito borne Zika virus transmission in the state this year. The Florida Department of Health announced Friday that a locally transmitted case was confirmed in Miami Dade County. The most recent case is .Florida s first CDC confirmed travel related cases were in Miami Dade and Hillsborough counties six months earlier. The map below The vast majority of Zika virus cases in the U.S. territories, particularly Puerto Rico, have been spread locally through Zika positive mosquitoes andual transmission. The CDC reports . lng o sta>>ellis atuala owhatgheirlanodis i ta notliust aal verb ize atis iiran th the i ha a pnndot that th ll rb pre ent i wi ah phen nha h p td ha al whhlhe prt hiusin a maet p at s hn theanknd the w h in ablesnumbs t satn arenk jthe atescioumbbut stual t prentre j deil thratout alrt pan. rmanain tnkfuy,elthohh lot .