Flu vaccination being considered – for pets – as ‘dog flu’ is reported near San Jose

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Multiple sources have reported that canine influenza, or dog flu, has spread rapidly in many parts of the country, including the Bay Area..With the so called dog flu spreading around Silicon Valley, vets are recommending pets get vaccinated. We are taking this outbreak very seriously, as infected dogs are getting very ill." Reached at his office on Thursday, Pat May, business reporter, San Jose Mercury News, for his Wordpress profile..The dogs owners don t have to worry about them getting the flu because Los Gatos Dog Cat has always required vaccinations for day care dogs, Veterinary Technician Sandi According to NBC Bay Area, two flu cases were reported recently at We Dog Care in San Jose s Willow Glen neighborhood..Experts say not all dogs need vaccines as first dog flu case reported in Sacramento. According Dr. Byam suggests pet owners keep their dogs home and stay away from dog parks for a while. The first case in San Jose spread so quickly throughout the San Jose area, and we ve had just once case here..

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