Genes that may lead to obesity identified

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Image Result For Genes That May Lead To Obesity Identified

Image Result For Genes That May Lead To Obesity Identified

"Our study has identified genes that play a crucial role in the neuronal control of body weight. They act in the brain in pathways that may affect people s food intake, hunger and satiety," said Ruth Loos, lead author of the study and professor at The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine at the .New York, Jan IANS You can blame your genes for your obesity as researchers have found genes that carry variations associated with body mass index BMI ..Genes can directly cause obesity in disorders such as Bardet Biedl syndrome and Prader Willi syndrome. Identification of those genes will help clarify the etiology of obesity and its metabolic consequences, the metabolic complications of obesity, as well as identify at risk individuals or groups in terms of their genetic .These stu.s have identified variants in several genes that may contribute to obesity by increasing hunger and food intake. Rarely, a clear pattern of inherited obesity within a family is caused by a specific variant of a single gene monogenic obesity . Most obesity, however, probably results from complex interactions among .

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