GM moves to deploy driverless car fleet in 2019

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  1. GM moves to deploy driverless car fleet in 2019  The Detroit News
  2. No pedal to the metal in GM’s planned self-driving Cruise AV car  Reuters
  3. GM just revealed a fully autonomous electric car that doesn’t have a steering wheel  Business Insider
  4. GM will make an autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals by 2019  The Verge
  5. Full coverage

General Motors seeks federal approval to launch a fleet of cars without steering wheels or gas pedals in yet to be named city. The first market ready self driving car is poised to come from General Motors Co., which submitted its federal safety proposal Thursday to put a robotic .GM. General Motors plans to mass produce self driving cars that lack traditional controls like steering wheels and pedals by , the company The announcement coincides with the tail end of CES, where a number of big companies announced their own plans to deploy autonomous vehicles, and right .The self driving car race sped up with General Motors announcement that it plans to introduce a ride sharing service to big cities in . General Motors plan calls for creating autonomous vehicles that can drive more safely than humans, roll out the cars at scale in dense urban centers with "complex .In October, the automaker announced it acquired LIDAR company Strobe Inc., a move it says will help reduce the cost of the light sensors used in self driving technology by nearly GM said it believes federal and state legislation in the U.S. will support the safe deployment of its autonomous vehicles..

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