Google Maps New Redesign Doesnt Hide Its Biases

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On Monday, Google rolled out its new Maps design. You ve probably already forgotten what the old one looked like, but the new version is cleaner and ma .It s shite. Can t order by date. Useless GoogleNews. Fern Hill @fernhilldammit . OMG new “Google News” is horrible! Where s custom search? Jillian @jilliancyork googlenews Not a fan of the new design scheme. Requires much more scrolling to get a sense what .As I was reminded by several readers, anyone can make suggestions to Google Maps using its Google Map Maker tool. If you go there, you can sure enough get slightly more accurate directions to the sign than the regular Google Maps including an alternate route from the west . Reader Dan Austin noted .A map is not just a pictureit s also the data behind the map, the methodology used to collect and parse that data, the people doing that work, the choices made in terms of visualization All of those choices and biases, conscious or not, can have important effects on the map itself. The New York Times ..