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Image Result For Have You Had A Flu Shot It

Translate Have you had a flu shot. See Spanish English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word by word explanations.. "We are seeing an influx locally and across the state for tested and proven cases of influenza at emergency rooms and doctors offices," Barry Honeycutt, director of operations for the Sullivan County Regional Health Department, said Friday afternoon. The department s own medical director had gone home . Can I get seasonal flu even though I got a flu vaccine this year? Yes. There is still a possibility you could get the flu even if you got vaccinated. The ability of flu vaccine to protect a person depends on various factors, including the age and health status of the person being vaccinated, and also the similarity or ."There s no question that the people who got their flu shots this year got less sick than the people who didn t," said Ardolic. "The sickest people are still clearly the ones who did not get their flu shots." "If you get flu and then you get pneumonia on top of your flu, which is what happens to a lot of these people, .

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