How early detection can help you get ahead of cervical cancer

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  1. How early detection can help you get ahead of cervical cancer
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With women older than years old making up the majority of cervical cancer cases, Dr. Williams Brown says that women at any age after s.AUSTIN KXAN The American Cancer Society says ,zero new instances of invasive cervical cancer are recognized annually. Dr. Yvette Williams Brown from Seton Medical Center joins KXAN to speak about how early detection can help la.s battle the illness. Dr. Williams Brown says whereas .Dr. Yvette Williams Brown of Seton Medical Center joins us to talk about how early detection can help women .Like most cancers, it can be prevented if you start taking precautions from the beginning. The spread of this cancer is slower than other types of cancer, which is why early detection proves to be of great help. While the average age of cervical cancer patients is , even those in their s are sometimes .

  • Walhabo Cancer Research And Detection Institute

    WalHabo Cancer Research and Detection Institute specializes in the detection of cancer lung, breast, bowel, prostate, stomach, liver, cervical, pancreatic, leukaemia .

  • Pap Test Wikipedia

    For best results, a Pap test should not occur when a woman is menstruating, partly because the additional cells can obscure cervical cells, and partly because this .

  • Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer Cancer Council

    Women aged should have a Pap test every years to screen for cervical cancer and teenagers can be vaccinated to help prevent the disease..

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    The FORECEE research project aims to make individualised risk predictions for cancer available to women for the first time. By looking for molecular markers in .

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