Is Bitcoin A Bubble?

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The same "bubble" question is being asked about bitcoin today. After doubling and redoubling and then doubling again a few times more this year the price of the cybercurrency was up nearly in the first two weeks of December alone , this relatively new asset is clearly exhibiting the signs of rabid .The currency requires no central bank, as new tokens are issued by computers running bitcoin software. But bitcoin s FOMO bubble is popping, even as economic fundamentals charge forward. Look at the countries most responsible for bitcoin s collapse..BITCOIN S meteoric rise in value last year has been branded nothing more than a speculative financial bubble, by researchers from US banking giant Goldman Sachs..If this sounds like the most obvious bubble ever, even more so than the tulip, Beanie Babies or dot com manias, well, that s because it is. And it might already be popping. Now, for the uninitiated, a blockchain is just a record of every transaction a cryptocurrency like bitcoin has ever been used for..

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