Learning Video Games, Piano Both Bolster Brain in Seniors

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  1. Learning Video Games, Piano Both Bolster Brain in Seniors  Laboratory Equipment
  2. Playing Video Games Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s  Esquire.com
  3. Video Games May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, A New Study Finds  UPROXX
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A participant takes part in the study at her home. Photo Simon Coutu Quebec Science. Stu.s over the last decade have shown that video games can improve brain plasticity and the volume of gray matter in younger people. Those brain benefits also extend to older gamers, and their memory performance, .The surprising findings were the result of a recent study into possible methods for keeping the elderly brain in good shape. The researchers In other words, playing video games might be better for your hippocampus than learning the piano. For one, both games they offered were of the platformer genre..Playing D video games like Super Mario could stave off mild cognitive impairment and perhaps even prevent Alzheimer s disease in older adults, according to a new Canadian study. The findings of On the other hand, when the brain is not learning new things, the grey matter atrophies as people age..

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