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Fiat Chrysler said this week that it would move production of its Ram heavy pickup trucks from Mexico to Michigan. Moving production of the Ram, which is mostly sold in the United States and Canada, will mean that Fiat Chrysler will not risk paying steep import duties likely to apply if NAFTA is rolled back..So good that it says it s moving some of its truck production from Mexico to Michigan. Fiat Chrysler said it does not plan to shut the Saltillo plant, but declined to comment on which models will be made in Saltillo after Ram production moves Proof that this admin s AMERICA FIRST policies are WORKING!.Dodge Ram trucks, made by Fiat Chrysler, at a car dealership in Moline, Ill. Fiat Chrysler on Thursday said it would invest $ billion to relocate production of Ram Heavy Duty trucks to Michigan from Mexico. Photo Daniel Acker Bloomberg News. By. Chester Dawson and. Chester Dawson. The Wall Street .DETROIT Fiat Chrysler is moving production of heavy duty trucks from Mexico to Michigan and paying bonuses to U.S. workers in response to the passage of U.S. tax reform late last year. The automaker will invest $ billion in its Warren Truck Assembly Plant to make the Ram Heavy Duty Truck starting .

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