Magazine mines crypto-cash with users

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  1. Salon magazine mines crypto-cash with readers’ PCs  BBC News
  2. You Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency While Reading the News  Fortune
  3. wants to use your PC to mine cryptocurrency  Washington Post
  4. Salon asks ad-blocking users to opt into cryptocurrency mining instead  The Verge
  5. Full coverage

Salon magazine mines crypto cash with readers PCs. If a reader chooses to block its advertising, US publication Salon will use that person s computer to mine for Monero, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin..Subscribeunsubscribe, readers. , users here now. Welcome to r btc! Home of free and open Bitcoin discussion, Bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA Ask Me Anything interviews from top Bitcoin industry leaders! This subreddit was created to uphold and honor free speech and the spirit of Bitcoin .The pop up seen by fastFT says the scheme is powered by Coinhive, which has developed a program that runs in users web browsers, allowing companies to mine monero a cryptocurrency similar to the more well known bitcoin. The required number crunching miner can be embedded "directly into .Brave are actively blocking ads and background miners, but they offer verified publishers and creators to be donated Basic Attention Tokens their own cryptocurrency . Users of Brave will be able to gain tokens either by purchasing them or by viewing ads within the browser rather than on the websites..

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