Millions of Americans can't stay home with the flu, so it spreads

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Image Result For Millions Of Americans Can

Image Result For Millions Of Americans Can

And here is another, from The Washington Post s Kevin Sieff. Hey Tomi, Washington Post shithole bureau chief here. Love your foreign affairs reporting. Did you know there are . million Americans living overseas? Can t imagine why they would leave home. Kevin Sieff @ksieff .In America, paid sick leave is not guaranteed. Kids whose parents can t afford to stay home with them when they re sick also suffer. Every year, that many people go to work with a virus or infection because they don't have paid sick leave, even though research shows that staying .Tainted tap water isn t just a problem in Flint, Michigan. In any given year from , somewhere between million and million Americans got their drinking water from a source that was in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to a new study. Most at risk people who live in rural, .One Million Americans in Mexico Can t All Be Wrong Reports are that approximately one million Americans live in Mexico. While it s hard to verify that .

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