Nacho Fries are coming to Taco Bell for just $1

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This is nacho ordinary plate of nachos. Taco Bell will launch Nacho Fries nationwide on Jan. and they ll cost just $ for a limited time..Irvine, Calif. From the menu brand who brought you the Naked Chicken Chalupa and Crunchwrap Supreme, comes Nacho Fries, set to make their debut in restaurants nationwide for just $. The most anticipated menu item release of the year will be available crisped to perfection with .Dec. McDonald s, Taco Bell others pile on the just a buck deals. The decision on Nacho Fries came after they tested well in the West Virginia and Bakersfield, Calif., markets last spring, according to the release. Customers will have the option to upgrade their Nacho Fries by ordering Supreme for $. or .Taco Bell has a new item coming to the $ menu this January. The Mexican food chain is venturing into the business of french fries and will debut their Nacho Fries on Jan. . The new concoction features french fries sprinkled with Mexican seasoning and a side of warm nacho cheese. Taco Bell recently .

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