Nanorobots Target And Attack Malignant Tumors Without Harming Healthy Tissue

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Nanomedicine continues to show promise of developing innovative and effective techniques for combating cancer. The great benefit of most of these treatments is that they malignant tumors and cells directly without damaging healthy tissue. This is a welcome contrast to traditional chemotherapy . Until now, the challenge to advancing nanomedicine has been difficult because scientists wanted to design, build and carefully control nanorobots to actively seek and destroy cancerous tumors while not harming any healthy cells. The international team of researchers overcame this problem by using a . Scientists successfully used nanorobots to kill tumor cells in mice Nanorobotos made out of genetic material can seek cancer cells without harming others are effective because they target quickly replicating or multiplying cells, but cancer cells are not the only ones that behave this way, so healthy tissues .

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