Naomi Klein: 'New York City Is Taking a Game-Changing First Step in Turning the World Right Side Up'

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By Naomi Klein June th, . Published in the Boston Globe Well, that didn t take long. On Monday, the Trump Organization announced plans to launch a chain of three star hotels to target the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump but could never afford his gilded hotels, condos, or clubs. Until now, Trump s .Naomi Klein born is a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker known for her politicalyses and criticism of corporate globalization and of capitalism. She first became known internationally for her book No Logo The Take , a documentary film about Argentina s occupied factories, .The US has a president who embo.s many of the things Naomi Klein has been warning about for years. She says her new book had to be written before things got worse..

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    Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn discuss Trump, climate change, and the future of progressive politics..

  • About Naomi Klein Naomi Klein

    NAOMI KLEIN is an award winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the international bestsellers, This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate .

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    Biografia. Nata a Montr al, in Canada, in una famiglia di origini ebraiche, i genitori di Naomi Klein erano hippy americani emigrati in Canada per evitare la .

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    Naomi Klein Montreal , is een Canadese journaliste, publiciste en activiste. Haar boek No Logo over de grote macht van multinationals maakte haar .

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