Natural growth outpaces migrations to Texas in 2017, census bureau says

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The state of Texas saw the largest numeric growth in population of all states in the country between and , the U.S. Census Bureau said recently in an update to its population estimates. The bureau estimates that the population of Texas grew just under this year, bringing its total .That s a shift from the year earlier, when population growth based on net migration only slightly outpaced natural increase. But the portion of The Census Bureau won t release updated demographic estimates until , but Hispanics as of were already behind half of the state s growth since ..The addition of , residents was attributed to natural increase, while another , residents were the result of net migration. Last year, net migration outpaced natural increase in the population growth for the state. Net migration, which is the difference between the number of people leaving Texas .The Census Bureau s State Data Center noted that each year between , Texas garnered the nation s largest annual population growth, a mixture of births and net migration. Same held true for . Following Texas in this year s population gains were Florida , , California , , .

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