Netflix, Amazon, and major studios sue maker of “free TV” box

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Streaming services and film studios try to stop free access to shows and movies..The entertainment industry is lining up against the maker of a "free TV" box in a lawsuit that alleges piracy, but the defendant s lawyer says the industry is in for a difficult and dangerous fight. "I think this is a very, very dangerous lawsuit by plaintiffs," lawyer Erik Syverson told Ars yesterday. "If the case does .What always strikes me as funny is that video games have found a way to mostly mitigate piracy increased convenience of purchased games. Sure, there are still some draconian DRM schemes, but by and large the general convenience of digital stores has reduced the damage of piracy. At the same time, .Netflix, Amazon, and major studios sue maker of "free TV" box. Netflix, Amazon, and the major film studios .

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