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Our Homeless Crisis. Ten years ago, Portland said it would end homelessness. Today thousands still sleep outside every night in the metro area. Surveys show we have as many homeless now as in . Story by ANNA GRIFFIN | agriffin@oregonian.com. Photography by THOMAS BOYD .Despite ample effort by local leaders, Portland has lagged other parts of the country in the quest to get the poorest of the poor indoors and the evidence is everywhere. The last count showed that almost , homeless men, women and children live in Multnomah County. Pictured here The Portland .The recession brought it out of hiding, and turned it into a crisis. Homelessness is now an unavoidable fact of life in the cities and small towns ringing Portland, a problem too large and prevalent to solve the way certain suburban communities once did. “When I started in this work, Clackamas County s housing policy was .This winter could be the coldest in about years, with a cold stretch that has essentially lasted since mid December. It s rare for the Portland area and is stressing social service agencies. Donations are needed to distribute to people who opt to stay outside during the season, or have to be out during the day. Full story “..