Over 220000 Already Benefiting From New Drug Plan

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Hundreds of thousands of young people in Ontario are already taking advantage of the province s new drug coverage guidelines. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care reports over , people under the age of have had their prescriptions filled for free, since the start of OHIP Children .Only days into the new year, more than , young people age years and under have had their prescriptions filled at no cost through OHIP Children and Youth Pharmacare. On January , Ontario made the biggest expansion to medicare in a generation by providing drug coverage to over four .All Ontario children and adults younger than will have their full prescription drug costs covered by a new provincial pharmacare program, regardless of family income or whether they already have private insurance. The province announced the expanded drug coverage in Thursday s annual budget, .CMS is pleased to release updated Chapter of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Manual. Benefits and new prescription, such programs must apply to both a beneficiary switch from a brand name . because only prescription drugs are included in the definition of a Part D drug, over the counter..

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