Planetary Resources New Satellite Launch Succeeds Cnbc Com

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Planetary Resources new satellite launch is big step in the mission to mine water from asteroids. Planetary Resources Arkyd satellite is in orbit, a halfway point to sending spacecraft to prospect asteroids for mining. satellites deployed into orbit Friday on one rocket, a milestone for many space companies..Moon Express and Planetary Resources are two start ups in the white hot global space sector that the FAA estimates is a combined $ billion, and what some argue could become the first The company s first satellite was “lost in spectacular fashion” in a launch explosion in , according to Lewicki..ICEYE will launch its first microsatellite to orbit in January from India on a PSLV rocket, the company confirmed to CNBC. “It s a space based information system, where you could launch any app on your smartphone to try to find a parking spot in New York City and find an empty one with the most recent .The results of the Arkyd mission will teach Planetary Resources what it needs to know before launching exploratory crafts to asteroids near the Earth which CEO Chris Lewicki has said the company plans to do by . “This is the first post global enterprise,” Lewicki told CNBC last year. The PSLV C .