Response teams mobilised and guidelines issued to tackle listeriosis

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Outbreak response teams have been mobilised by the City of Johannesburg to educate residents on how to prevent the spread of the food borne illness listeriosis. SA is experiencing a spike in cases of the illness' with reported since January . At least people haved this year' according to the .Listeriosis is a food borne illness associated with food contaminated with listeria monocytogenes' including dairy products' fresh fruit and vegetables' as well as ready to eat products. After infection' the incubation period is between three and days.Symptoms include fever' muscle pain' restlessness and .SA, and particularly Gauteng, are experienced a spike in cases of the illness with reported since January , with at least dying..TThe City of Johannesburg has activated outbreak response teams to help educate the public on preventing the spread of listeriosis, which has so far claimed more than lives. News Today we will be training Buffalo City Metro' Amathole and Alfred Nzo on how to deal with food related diseases..

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