Rules Requiring Airlines to Disclose Fees Killed by Trump’s DOT

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  1. Rules Requiring Airlines to Disclose Fees Killed by Trump’s DOT  Bloomberg
  2. DOT Forgoes Ancillary Fee Transparency  TravelPulse
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Two efforts to make airline fare information easier for customers to understand were killed by President Donald Trump s Transportation Department..The DOT scrapped a proposed rule requiring airlines to disclose checked and carry on bag fees at the time of purchase, calling it "of limited public benefit. rule was killed off by the Trump administration calling it "of limited public benefit" and saying the rule would "require airlines to incur significant costs to .The U.S. Department of Transportation released a statement last week announcing it would withdraw a proposed rule that would force airlines to disclose baggage and other fees at the time of ticket purchase. The decision to rescind the yet to be enforced regulation from the Obama administration received .Airlines won t be forced to disclose the price of baggage fees up front to travelers shopping for tickets under a federal move that sends an Obama era proposal packing. The Trump administration is scthe proposed rule that requires airlines companies and ticket agencies to be up front about the price .

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