wants to fight ad-blockers by using your PC to mine cryptocurrency

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Claiming that ad blockers have cut deeply into its revenue, the online media company Salon is asking some readers to bolster its bottom line by helping the site generate cryptocurrency. The move, launched Sunday, makes Salon one of the first major online publishers to adopt virtual currencies as an . has a new, cryptocurrency driven strategy for making money when readers block ads. If you want to read Salon without seeing ads, you can do so as long as you let the website use your spare computing power to mine some coins. If you visit Salon with an ad blocker enabled, you might see a . wants to fight ad blockers by using your PC to mine cryptocurrency.. The liberal news outlet, seeking new revenue, is now asking its ad blocking readers to donate their computers processing power to help mine crypto cash. Strange times If you want to read Salon and you don t want to deal with ads, you ll have to agree to get into the cryptocurrency business. On Sunday .

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