Snapchat Update More Than Angry Users Sign

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Days ago In widespread backlash against latest update, users of the popular social app are calling on Snap Inc to change back to original design..Days ago At the time of writing, more than , disgruntled users had signed an online petition calling on parent firm Snap Inc. to roll back the update, which was released last week. The petition was started by Australian user Nic Rumsey who is apparently very protective over his Snapchat app. “Many users have .Days ago A PETITION to kill the controversial new update for Snapchat has been signed by more than people. It s in response to the latest Snapchat update, which has been slammed by users as “confusing”..Days ago More than a million people have signed a petition asking Snapchat to reverse its controversial new update. The company has now rolled out the new version of the app to most of its users. And it has been met with intense and widespread anger, as a result of the fundamental changes it makes to the way .