Solution To Drug-Resistant Bacteria May Lie In Soil

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  1. Solution To Drug-Resistant Bacteria May Lie In Soil  Immortal News
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A new class of promising antibiotics found in soil has the capabilities to kill several strains of drug resistant bacteria, researchers say. Sean Brady, a chemical biologist at Rockefeller University in New York, and a team of colleagues, sequenced bacterial DNA they had taken from , soil samples .According to the study published Monday in the Nature Microbiology journal by scientists from New York s Rockefeller University, a new family of antibiotics called malacidins, extracted from the DNA of microorganisms living in dirt, can annihilate several antibiotic resistant bacteria responsible for diseases .The malacidin chemical, identified by Dr Sean Brady and his laboratory at Rockefeller University, New York, works bying a fundamental step in bacterial growth, essentially interfering with a major building block that the bacteria use to build and fix their outer membrane. Concerns have repeatedly .Antimicrobial resistance, or drug resistance, is one of the most urgent health threats facing society. And while there has been progress, much work lies ahead. of bacteria as well. By the s,. Fleming s mold became the first commercially available antibiotic penicillin. Early on, Fleming found that bacteria developed .

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