Struggling Toys R Us Plans To Pay Executives Millions In Bonuses

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  1. Struggling Toys R Us Plans To Pay Executives Millions In Bonuses  WABE 90.1 FM
  2. Toys ‘R’ Us execs get millions more in bonuses despite bankruptcy  New York Business Journal
  3. Bankrupt Toys ‘R’ Us wins OK to pay $16 million in executive bonuses
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A bankruptcy judge has granted struggling retailer Toys R Us permission to pay millions of dollars in bonuses to executives after the company argued it was necessary to motivate its top brass during the critical holiday shopping season. Judge Keith Phillips ruled the company can dole out $ million in .NEW YORK Toys "R" Us has won approval to pay $ million in bonuses to top executives if the company hits financial targets during the holiday shopping The company said it had , stores at the time of the bankruptcy filing, and , employees, although it has gone ahead with plans to hire .You don t deserve millions in pay if you are unable to keep a company afloat and out of BK. I guess running a company into the ground requires highly paid executives. I think my i.e. executives of struggling toys r us plan to pay selves millions in bonuses, accelerating demise of company..Bankrupt toy retailer overcomes objections to get court approval of bonuses for CEO and other top executives..

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