Study reveals activity that may help you sleep faster

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  1. Writing a to-do list may help you sleep faster, study says  AOL
  2. Writing A To-Do List May Help You Fall Asleep
  3. Writing Down A To-Do List Could Help People Fall Asleep Faster, New Study Says  The Inquisitr
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Researchers at Baylor University published a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that claims writing a list helps people get to sleep faster. Writing a to do list may help you sleep faster, study says. Buzz Flight attendants reveal the least disgusting thing you can order on an airplane. Tags..WRITING a to do list at bedtime can help you get to sleep quickly, a new study revealed today. thoughts and reduce worry." While anecdotal evidence exists that writing a bedtime list can help one fall asleep, the Baylor researchers used electrodes to monitor the electrical brain activity of volunteers..Sweet dreams are made of these! If you re always wide awake at bedtime, here s expert advice for how to fall asleep faster tonight..Exercise in the evening. Hitting the gym after work can help you zonk out, says Orlando Ruiz Rodriguez, M.D., a sleep doctor at South Seminole Hospital in Orlando. One recent Swiss study suggests that completing an intense workout minutes before bed may help you fall asleep faster by reducing your .

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